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Help children's authors reach out to a wider targeted audience

and provide them with a channel to monetize their work
Dear Visitor,

Welcome! I am Reham Munayyer, the founder of Kidscademy. As of my background, I am a web developer / designer. At the same time, I am a mother of two awesome kids. I live in Melbourne, Australia. 

As part of being a mother, I was in a constant search for good quality materials to help my kids grow their minds; whether educational worksheets, science magazines, history articles, writing, poetry, fun, activities, music, etc. However, that wasn't easy. Good materials were scattered everywhere and I didn't cross any one good place in which those materials were collected. What I visioned as a simple search ended up being a painful process. 

Throughout my search, I noticed a number of good children websites that were abandoned. I realized then how many children's authors had done great effort building genuine content to figure out later they weren't able to monetize their work. As a result, they gave up their dreams, and what could have been a great potential ended up not fully achieved.

Encountering all of that, I decided that I will try to make a difference for both readers and writers. This is when I started thinking about Kidscademy, an online marketplace for indie children's publishers to reach out to their correct target audience. I hope then authors will be rewarded financially for their great work and continue doing what they love; writing. 

This is our story. Thank you for dropping by. If you have any question or feedback, I am always happy to hear from you. 

Kind Regards,

Reham Munayyer
Kidscademy Founder