Author FAQs
Q) What happens to my right of ownership when I publish my item on Kidscademy?
A) You will have the full ownership of your item after it is listed on Kidscademy. Kidscademy just provides the marketplace for you to sell your item.
Q) Who is responsible for copyright violations for the listed items?
A) It is the author responsibility to ensure he is not violating any copyrights in his items.
Q) Can I remove an item that is listed on Kidscademy?
A) Yes. As an author, you have the full control on your items, including their removal.
Q) Can I update an item once it is uploaded?
A) Yes.
Q) I want to upload an item, what files should I have?
A) Visit what do you need to upload an item in the author guide.
Q) What types of digital files you support?
A) We support any digital file as long as it can be viewed by us (and surely the buyer).
Q) How to ensure my item appears in all related searches?
A) By adding as much related item tags as possible. You should specify item tags when you upload your item. You can later edit your item and add/remove tags
Q) Is there a recommended browser to upload my items?
A) Yes, Google chrome is the recommended browser to upload your items, followed by Firefox. Internet Explorer 9.0 is supported, but not recommended for uploading files
Q) Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?
A) You can visit our Terms and Conditions page