Become an Author

Are you a teacher or an educator? Do you have a passion for creating educational materials for kids? Do you want to generate an extra income whether you work or not? If yes, then welcome to Kidscademy! We are an online marketplace for educators, like you, who want to share their knowledge and sell their work.

How to become an author

To become an author, you have to follow the next simple steps

  1. Become a member
  2. Read this guide
  3. Take the author quiz before you publish your first item

Who is my target audience?

Parents and their children. We expect your work to be directly beneficial to them.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Becoming a member and uploading your items is free. Only when you sell an item, we deduct a commission. Our commission rate is described more in payment rates section.

What do I need to upload an item?

To publish an item, you need to prepare the following:
  1. Your item digital file; whether PDF, PowerPoint, Microsoft Document, Zip file or any other digital format
  2. Two pictures for your item (any valid picture format; jpg, gif, png, etc):
    1. small one (80 x 80 pixel) to be used on Kidscademy home and search pages
    2. large one (600 pixel width) to be used on the item page
  3. Optional preview file for the buyer to view before purchase (ideally PDF format)
  4. Optional screenshots (375 x 500 pixel) for your item (up to four screenshots)
  5. Detailed description of your item to be displayed on the item page

Publish process

Once you prepare your item as described above, then follow the next steps to upload it:

  1. Sign in to Kidscademy and go to the Upload section under Members menu
  2. Fill in and submit the upload item form
  3. Once uploaded, the item will go through our review process
  4. Wait to hear back from us, which can take a few business days
  5. Once approved, confirm that you are happy with the outcome of the review process and your item will be listed on Kidscademy

Item tags

When you upload your item, you are requested to enter item tags. Tags are words, separated by commas, which describes the content of the item. For example, if uploading How Volcanoes Work item, then the tags can be volcano, eruption, natural disaster, lava. With such tags, whenever the user searches for any of the tagged words, then your item will appear in the search result. Also, Kidscademy exposes all tags to search engines, as in Google, to give your items wider publicity.

Tags are important. As an author, you should try to add as much related tags to your item as you can. You can define your item tags when you upload your item, or later on, by editing the item.

Review process

Kidscademy goal is to provide high-quality well-priced educational materials. We aim to build a marketplace at which our buyers enjoy the provided content, which help drive more sales and end up being profitable for our publishers. At the end of the day, our success can only be achieved by the success of our publishers.

To achieve our goal, we work hard to review every item before being published. During the review, we ensure all of your item details are provided. We double check that your item pictures are sized correctly. We also read your item to value your genunie content. Finally, we look at the item price to see if it is inline with the item proposed value.

Your item review may take a few business days. We keep you notified about the status of your item and email you once we are done.

Seeding items

At Kidscademy, we go through stages at which we need to build content fast, whether across all categories or for specific ones. We name those early uploaded items as seeding items. We love to reward our authors that help us build content by granting the seeding items our highest payment rate, which is 90%.

To learn more, please visit our payment rates section.

Item diversity

We encourage our authors to be as diverse as they can. Competitive categories can be hard to sell due to large number of similar items. We accept and encourage items across diverse educational categories and also for different languages. We even ask our authors to suggest new categories as part of the item publishing process.

Tips to market your items

To make your items visible on Kidscademy, then we suggest that you:

  1. Make use of the item page social links (facebook, twitter or google+) to promote your item across your friends
  2. Have a free item or flag an item free for a duration of time. With free items, you get:
    1. More followers, as users are encouraged to follow the author when downloading a free item
    2. Higher rating, as more users can experience the quality of your item and positively rate it
    3. Higher popularity, as your item will be downloaded more times than other items
    4. Prototype for the quality of your work

At Kidscademy, we respect intellectual property. As the author, it is your responsibility to make sure you are not violating any copyrights in your published work. Kidscademy will investigate any copyright complain, and if proven to be correct, it may result in item removal (and if repeated, account termination).