Australia - A “Language across the Curriculum” theme
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This language across the curriculum theme has been used for several years prior to publication. It was used in a small group setting in a Pupil Referral Unit in the UK at the time that an OFSTED inspection was held. The HMI inspector made special reference in her final report to the effectiveness of the theme in both teaching the pupils language skills and in holding their attention for considerable periods of time (quite unusual in a PRU!). The pupils engaged well in the theme and they responded well to the challenge to research facts more deeply. Suggestions have been made for a variety of uses from our experience of using the theme. 

The most effective presentation of the theme is to print off (hopefully in colour) copies and staple the theme into a booklet that the pupil can work through on their own. 

The book contains the following topics:
1. Australia geography.
2. Australia states and cities. 
3. Australian animals, including Kangaroo and Wombat.
4. Australian Ayres Rock.
5. Great Barrier Reef
6. Aborigines. 
7. Great barrier reef. 
8. Homophones
9. Opposites words. 
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