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This theme on percentages (27 worksheets) introduces the concept of a percentage in a variety of practical ways. It was devised for a group of pupils who had absolutely NO concept of what a percentage was and after completing the booklet they assessed their own learning and were happy that they now understood the concept of a fraction and could work out what their percentage for test results were and what this meant in terms of achievement! 

The booklet was printed off (in colour but not absolutely necessary) and stapled and the pupils worked their way through the various activities. Coloured pencils and felt tip pens should be available as there are a lot of practical activities involving these. 

This theme is suitable for older pupils who struggle with maths but many of the individual worksheets can be used for younger pupils who are being introduced to percentages for the first time. This will depend on the level of the mathematical expertise and prior knowledge of the class group. 
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2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade
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