The Burt Reading Scheme Module 2
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This module is the second of a set of 5 currently but the set will be expanded to 8 modules by the end of 2011 to cover almost every phonic sound/blend and tricky variation. This module caters for pupils who have a basic understanding of the sounds of the alphabet and are able at a simple level to blend the sounds. The module consists of 128 worksheets.

The following is covered:

• Starts with revision from module 1 for pupils who did not start at module 1

• Development of the vowel sounds in CVC (consonant/vowel/consonant) words eg cat bit mug.

• Each vowel is accompanied by lists of words to reinforce the sound, fun exercises, sentences and opportunities to read stories using the new words.

• The CVC words are then developed further with the addition of the consonant blends and digraphs. Digraphs covered are TH CH SH The blends included are BL BR CL CR DR FL FR GL GR PL PR SC SK SL SM SN SP ST STR SW TR . Blends at the end of word also included are: CT FT MP ND NK NT PT SK SP ST

• There are plentiful opportunities for reading the words learned in sentences, stories and comprehension exercises.

• 128 worksheets with full tutor instructions on each page represents approximately 15 – 20 hours of tutoring
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